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Our Ambassadors



Lehmo  is one of Australia's best known comedians and features on The Project, and 104.3 Gold FM. He performs stand up acts at various venues around Melbourne and has travelled both interstate and abroad to share his talent at numerous events and festivals, including entertaining Troops in the Middle East.


Lehmo hosted our 'Laughs with Lehmo' comedy night in 2012 and joined the group instantly. He said once he met the team at The Orange Pigoen he was hooked! “The amount of work Jenny puts into this and the work they all do with so little resources is amazing, and if I can help lighten the load and help make wishes come true then I’m more than happy to be involved.” Lehmo often helps with our wishes.


He is a warm, kind hearted man and a great supporter of the work we do. We are thrilled to have him as our key Ambassador.

Lisa Denis  is vivacious, lively and is our very own social butterfly. Lisa is never short of an idea or an activity to do. She has been involved in charities for over 20 years and was Miss Teen Victoria in 1989, raising $58,000 - which is nothing short of fantastic!


Lisa said "I was thrilled to be named an Ambassador for The Orange Pigeon. The wishes granted make me teary still, knowing we are helping terminally/seriously ill adults with their last wish is so special. What a wonderful job we all do as a team." Lisa is a very proud and passionate ambassador for The Orange Pigeon and takes great delight in attending many events, raising much awareness for the services we are providing.

DAVE IVKOVIC  is one of Melbourne’s finest standup comedians and is a regular at The Comics Lounge in North Melbourne Victoria. With a quick wit and childlike charm, Dave is bound to tickle the funny bone of any audience. Well known and well liked amongst audiences and comedians alike, Dave will bring an energetic spark to any performance with his high energy and keen observations.


Dave has enormous compassion for others and he knows first hand the fear involved with a serious illness with his own son being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia 5 years ago.


Dave said "It's always a pleasure to affect someones emotions, whether its laughter or tears of joy. Knowing you have been a part of the is a feeling money cannot by. Thank you for the priviledge.".We could not be any prouder to have him on board as an Ambassador for The Orange Pigeon.

BEN ROARTY is a former professional rugby league player, having won a grand final with the Melbourne Storm in 1999. 


Ben has a passion for helping others and is always working with one foundation or another to raise funds or awareness where necessary. Ben said "I am sincerely humbled by the opportunity to help others, the gift of giving and receiving is a privilege that should not be taken lightly and by working with The Orange Pigeon, I will be able to further fulfil my dreams of helping others." Ben is an amazing help with many of our sporting wishes.


Ben has recently begun a stand up comedy career and feels his reputation within the community will make him a great ambassador for The Orange Pigeon


Em Rusciano is a wickedly funny, glamourous and spontanous, singer, writer, comedian and presenter who has a heart of gold.


As a writer, comedian, singer, television and radio presenter; Em Rusciano is one of the most well rounded and talented performers in Australia.


Em hosted an event for us at Baroq House, Melbourne in December 2013, and is very keen to raise awareness about The Orange Pigeon and its services.