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The inspiration for The Orange Pigeon came about when our Founder Jenny's friend Nadine was diagnosed with terminal Breast Cancer in July 2011, only four months after giving birth to her third daughter Brodie. It was a time when her husband Daniel and their two other daughters Reese (now 10) and Isla (now 7), should have been celebrating with the birth of their new family member, but were now facing a future without Nadine.


Seeing Nadine’s world turned upside down Jenny wanted to do something special for her friend. Nadine was an avid fan of Geelong Football Club and had never been to a grand final before. Jenny knew she had to get her there. As the game was a sell-out Jenny thought she would try to find a wish granting organisations for adults in Australia, only to find there were none. She then set about contacting businesses and organisations to try to obtain tickets - at the final hour on the eve of the Grand Final, Jenny received a call from Toyota Australia advising that between 3AW and Toyota Australia they had 2 tickets to offer Nadine which included meet and greets and an interview.


Nadine enjoyed the day, Geelong even won for her! The next day Jenny saw the difference in Nadine which was amazing. She was buzzing and full of beans, something that she hadn’t been for a long time. She kept saying thank you. The thanks for Jenny was her smile, her eyes had life in them again. She was like a little child with her excitement coming through. Jenny knew that this was the beginning of something and set about starting The Orange Pigeon - as a legacy to Nadine.


Nadine passed away on 18 March 2015. A promise was made to both Nadine and Nadine’s family that her fight would not be in vain and that through her legacy, thousands of seriously ill adults would be granted their wishes and their families would find comfort and lasting memories in this. That one day helped Nadine to forget things for a day - a day without pain or worry. We hope to achieve this same feeling for many seriously ill adults in Australia.  That is what The Orange Pigeon is about.