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Beverly's Wish

Beverly was diagnosed with metastatic Breast Cancer in 2011 and is now undergoing palliative chemotherapy.  Beverly was referred to us by her breast care nurse Lea from McGrath Foundation. Lea said that Beverly enjoys reading and is finding it increasingly difficult to hold a book to read due to numbness and swell of her hands and fingers, which are side effects from her treatment. She said an iPad would make a huge difference for Beverley to be able to read and have a distraction for the long period of time that she is having her treatment at the cancer centre.


The Orange Pigeon organised an iPad Air with Wi-Fi and Cellular functions with a personal engraving on the back along with  an ITunes card and pre-paid credit to be sent out to Beverly. Beverly said “its been fantastic and has allowed me to have music, games and books - the little engraved message on the back was cute.”


Lea said that Beverly “has had immense pleasure from the iPad.” We are happy to know the iPad is providing her with distraction and a connection to the world