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Carmelo's Wish - A New Bed

Carmelo was nominated by his daughter to get a new bed. He has cancer is on his lymph nodes in his groin, neck, armpits, spleen, liver, neck and pelvic bone and he has lost significant weight and is now only 46kgs.


His bed that he had was 48 years old. The new bed / mattress will help him rest better. He recently lost his wife only a week after being diagnosed with Gall Bladder Cancer.


Carmelo said, "It's so nice to know that people care. I don't like a big deal, but it really feels nice and to finally be in a bed that is comfortable is so wonderful, thank you."


A very big thank you to  Beds Online - who went above and beyond and provided bedding package consisting of bed, two side tables and a tall ball all at cost price - absolutely amazing generosity.