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Caryn's Wish

Caryn had metastatic Breast Cancer which had spread to her liver, bones and abdomen. She had trouble lying flat due to pain and chemotherapy side effects, which resulted in a lack of sleep.


Caryn’s sister Lisa applied for a comfort for Caryn, which was for Caryn to have a rocker recliner chair to help her get a proper sleep during the night so that she could spend the quality time needed with her 3 boys and her husband.


Caryn said “thank you so much for my wish! I now have the most awesomely comfortable rocker/recliner to relax in- so good for the days after chemo treatments when I just don't want to move much at all! It will make some of the bad days easier to handle.


We thank Harley from Harvey Norman in Gepps who did all he could to offer a discount for The Orange Pigeon to purchase Caryn’s chair.


RIP Caryn  5 July 1964 - 17 August 2015