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Catherine's Wish

Catherine had highly invasive bladder cancer with a very poor prognosis. She wanted to see her granddaughter and two great granddaughters again for the last time. When we received her application we knew we had to act fast.


As Catherine was so unwell she couldn’t fly, so we had to hope we could get flights for Christmas Day for the family to fly up to see Catherine. Miracles were happening and we were really lucky to be able to fly them up from Melbourne to Queensland on Christmas Day for a few days where they shared some very precious moments.


We received this message from Catherine’s granddaughter “thank you for making my grandma's wish come true. This trip has been amazing and to see her face light up with pure joy is worth more than anything in this world. Not only have you gone out of your way but all the hard work you have done is priceless, I would consider you to be angels, with angels like you it makes this world a better place. To be able to watch my grandma with my daughters brings a smile to my face and lights up my heart with pure joy, to see her cuddle them and to kiss them and to see them make happy memories that will stay with me for my life time. Without your hard work and dedication this would have never happened.”


We were so glad you were all able to be together for a very special Christmas.


                                                                               RIP  Catherine 17 August 1943 - 9 February 2015