Cheryl's Wish - Family Portraits


What a wonderful surprise Cheryl had when she received "the biggest bunch of flowers she has ever received" - each rose representing each year of her wonderful life. We really need to give a big shout out to Little Shop of Posies for reaching out and going above and beyond to ensure that Cheryl received her flowers first thing this morning (personally going to the markets to ensure she received nice fresh flowers)


Cheryl has been battling cancer for over four years, and is quite weak now. We were planning on having some glamour photos done and family portraitsd is quite weak now. We were planning on having some very special family photos done for her.


Unfortunately Cheryl's health deteriorated so much that she was unable to have her wish become a reality. After talking to Bianca, we thought we we'd brighten up her day with these flowers. Her son who is holding the photos in this photo is 6ft tall - giving you an understanding of just how incredible they are! Light and love to you and your family Cheryl.

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