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Christine's Wish - To see Grease the Musical in Sydney

Christine's daughter Olivia nominated her mum to see the musical Grease in Sydney (they live in Tasmania) The wish included Christine and her husband and Olivia. They were flown to Sydney with the help of Virgin Australia who provided half price fares for the family. The Park Hyatt Sydney offered accommodation at half their usual price.


This is what Olivia had to say after the weekend:"

We would just like to say thank you so much. Mum's wish, the trip to Sydney to see Grease was truly amazing. There really are no words to describe how much we would like to thank you. The musical was fantastic, so much fun and we all left feeling on top of the world! Mum's favourite part was Todd Mckenney performance in the show and the Grease Lighting song! The hotel you organised was just so beautiful, the staff were so kind and helpful, the room was lovely and the most amazing view in the world and much time was spent in the pool! It was lovely warm weather in Sydney and was so nice for mum to have sunshine, since it has been so cold in Hobart. We had such a wonderful breakfast at the hotel as well! On Friday afternoon we took a bus to Bondi Beach and had a walk along the sculptures by the sea exhibition, it was a lovely afternoon. On Saturday morning we took the ferry, and went in search of the house where mum was born 57 years ago! Very excitingly we found the house and this was very special! Mum was so happy to see the home she spend her early childhood in and we explored the area and took lots of photos!I really want to thank you Jenny for all of the effort you put into making this so special, the memories and time spent will always be so precious to all of us. The joy that the trip brought to mum, I cannot place a value on! It was such a blessing to help her just for a little while forget the sickness and her prognosis and to relax, laugh and enjoy! I could see her spirit was lifted up, and she really just appreciated and enjoyed every single minute. The gift that your organisation provides is so amazing and I would like to do whatever I can in the future to support the Orange Pigeon to continue to make wishes come true for terminally ill adults. Best wishes, Olivia."


A big thank you to both the Park Hyatt Sydney and to Virgin Australia for their compassion in making this wish a reality.