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​​Colleen has incurable metastatic cancer. She has always been a big fan of Collingwood Football Club and all she wanted was to watch her team train - so today we helped make this happen for her and her children.

We added a few extra touches for her, including an awesome Thunderstruck Hummer to pick Colleen and her children up in style and take you to the Westpac Centre where Collingwood train. Upon arrival they were presented with Collingwood scarves to keep them warm and Colleen was presented with a fully signed Guernsey which she put on straight away!

The family were then able to hold the 2010 Grand Final trophy which was a real treat for them all! They then went out to the training grounds and Colleen was seated in prime position in heaven for an hour and half watching her boys playing and training hard!


Once training was finished, Colleen was lavished with love from the likes of Travis Cloke, Scott Pendlebury and the very generous Nathan Buckley. Colleen’s daughter said she hadn’t seen her mum move so quickly to be up out of her seat when the players came her way! Bucks asked Colleen who her favourite player was, which she responded Dane Swan! She was disappointed he wasn’t training today, to which Bucks surprised her and said he is inside and that he would see what he could do!



Colleen's Wish - Watching her Team Train




As we were heading back to go inside for lunch, we say Bucks running towards us from where he had left us! It was quite exciting as we said “Look Colleen Nathan is running to see you“, he had the news that Dane Swan would be waiting for her inside!


When we got in, true to his word, Dane Swan came out to talk to Colleen and her family. He was so very generous with his time and was so very entertaining! A very interesting young man! He took time to take photos and chat at length with Colleen and she was beaming from ear to ear!

We then went in to have some lunch where Colleen was met by some other familiar faces. We were so glad that Colleen and her children got to experience such an amazing day - It was very moving to see Colleen so happy and we are very grateful to Collingwood Football Club and Hummer Limousines for going above and beyond to make this simple wish of Colleen’s a reality!