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Angela's Quality Time in Tassie

Angela had lung cancer, her wish was to sail on the Spirit of Tasmania and enjoy food adventures in Tasmania with her daughter and grandson.

Angela had always wanted to go to Tasmania and only a few days after her daughter Nadine, had sent in an application to The Orange Pigeon they received bad news of Angela’s cancer spreading to nearby lymph nodes. She was shattered and wanted to go then and there to Tassie - she cried not because she is going to die but because she thought she wouldn't get the chance to go. We rushed Angela’s booking and got her on the next available Ship out.


Thanking Winsome from the Spirit of Tasmania for all he did to help Angela and her family whilst they were on board and providing them with some awesome meals and comforts.

We got back yesterday from 8 days of amazing food adventures. I feel so grateful to have been able to spend some quality time with my mum and my son in this fragile time of her life. So thank you so very much! And thank you to everyone who donates to The Orange Pigeon Inc. such a fantastic cause.


RIP Angela 1 July 1950 - 7 January 2016