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Desmond's Reunited With His Son

Desmond has been diagnosed with metastasis lung cancer, stage four. He wanted to reunite with his son and have one last Christmas with his family before his health deteriorated.

Desmond’s wish was to be reunited with his son who he had not seen for 30 years, and to have a final family Christmas with his son, daughter and granddaughters. We were able to fly his son from Tasmania to be with his dad, sister... and nieces. We organised for the family to stay at the Opal Cove Resort for 2 nights where they were able to reunite and enjoy each other’s company.

Desmond’s daughter, who had nominated her dad for this beautiful wish said “This meant the world to my dad and brother to be reunited after 30 years and I hope you realise how much happiness you brought to my dad and to us to see him so happy and to have brought a smile to his face after all his illness and decline of health of late.

It was a brilliant, beautiful, yet moving reunion of family members and I know my father will cherish the memory as will my brother and my two teenage daughters and myself. It was over 30 years since my dad and my brother Ian had seen each other or even talked and it brought tears to my eyes for the reconnection of them both. The photos, I will hold close to my heart always and one that both my teenage daughters will cherish forever of their poppy. As will the trip down memory lane, with places visited again as adults from when we were kids.

We wish to say a heart warmed thank you for your generous wish granted for my father, an amazing gift that would not otherwise have happened if it were not for The Orange Pigeon and the wonderful supportive and dedicated workers behind the scenes making our family reunion wish come true, who not only paid for the wish but totally made all the arrangements, I know my brother, Ian was totally blown away when he was greeted at his front door by a gentleman from SVR Limousines, this was the first sign of a good weekend planned for the family reunion - he had such a stylish vehicle!”

We are so happy that Desmond was able to reunite with his son after all these years and have his family reunited for one last Christmas together. Say it loud.. say it clear.. You can listen as well as you hear - It's too late when we die! Call that someone you've wanted to call, don't wait - you just never know, they may have been waiting all their life for your call.