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Kerry's Wish

Kerry has Huntington’s Disease and her wish was to ride a really fast lap at the Clipsal 500 race in Adelaide.

Kerry loves fast cars and we loved being able to help her dream come true with the help from The Motor Sport Group. She was able to get behind the scenes and got up to 170kms with her driver Bob. Her best friend and carer attended the day with Kerry and this is what she had to say about the day. I told Kerry I had a surprise for her and she still wasn't sure what it was, until she was put into a Holden course car! Bob our driver was wonderful (I got to go too)

He talked to Kerry about his involvement in the V8's, that he was a driver and about the car. By this time she was smiling big time!  We were the last of a set of four course cars that do a lap to ensure the track is clear. I'm not sure how they do that given he got up to 170kms!! It was awesome, the speed, fast corners, the V8 sound. Kerry’s brother, wife and niece were in the stands and I waved to them. Some asked about photos but the force, speed of the car meant you just hung on!

Kerry was on a total high! She showed her gratitude to Bob and Craig with big hugs & kisses! She told me it was a dream come true, and asked me lots of questions about the ride, did we do that corner, did we go fast, of course after the race we caught up with her family and she stirred her brother about her doing a lap in a Holden V8 and he hasn't!  Kerry is still smiling and I have been calling her Miss Clipsal!

I sincerely thank Orange Pigeon for this wonderful opportunity and making a dream come true for Kerry.”