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Doris' Wish - For the Love of Her Team

♫ Good Old Dane Swan Forever ♫

Doris has been a lifelong supporter of the Collingwood Football Club and she even baby sat the teams President Eddie McGuire when he was young boy.


Doris had a 5 year battle with Lymphoma. When she was very unwell in hospital she was told on 24 April 2015 that she had she had a week or so left to live. Her response was “I just have to live until Saturday (25 April) to see my boys win” and that they did! (bless her heart).


Doris' sister in law Maria called to see if we could arrange something special for her and that she adores Dane Swan.


When The Orange Pigeon contacted Collingwood Football Club to see if they could help they were more than happy to do what they could for such a loyal supporter.


Dane jumped at the chance to give back a bit of love to Doris and this video message is the result.


Thank you Collingwood Football Club and thank you Dane Swan for your compassion and kindness in doing this video message for Doris.

Sadly, not long after having the pleasure of watching her hero's video to her, Doris passed away. Her family were so grateful that she got the opportunity to see the video and it remains extremely important to them.

RIP  Doris 25 October 1950 - 30 April 2015