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Peter's Wish -
That Photobooth Rocks!

Peter’s Celebration of Life wish was held on 31 May 2015. Peter was a 47 year old father of two. In September 2014, Peter was diagnosed with melanoma. This was a big shock, however treatment was started immediately with a trial treatment to shrink five tumours on his brain and had his lymph nodes removed from under his left arm. The treatment was successful up until mid May 2015 leaving him with only a shadow of one tumour.


On the 15 May, Peter fell ill and was admitted to hospital. After a spinal tap the results showed that the cancer had formed a blanket of ‘slime’ over his brain and in to the spinal fluid - (only 5% of people get this diagnosis.) Peter was given a probable diagnoses of three weeks remaining.

Peter decided he wanted to celebrate life and not sit around waiting for his illness to progress and arranged a party for



family, friends and work colleges in Brisbane to  attend his Celebration of Life party. Peter’s wife Karyn contacted The Orange Pigeon to see if we would help with a very important element of the night - a photo booth to capture the night forever. Of course we wanted to help and organised this through That Photobooth Rocks, who kindly discounted their fees.


Karyn said “Vince was lovely and so wonderful to have at the party. Seriously without The Orange Pigeon Inc. granting Peter's wish the night would not have been the same. These memories will live in our hearts forever. Thank you.”


RIP  Peter 11 July 1967 - 11 August 2015