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Lorna's on Top of The World

Lorna has advanced Stage 5 Metastatic Cancer, her wish of being with her family on a ride on the Melbourne Observation wheel came true on Sunday.

“The fact that many family members attended over shadowed the actual ride and the weather! Lorna Joyce was so excited and after it she was so complete.

William of Orange the ww2 pigeon’s legacy has made it to the hearts of Lorna and the rest of her family. On Sunday 25 October 2015 Lorna’s wish was granted, we went for a ride on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. Our interpretation of the pigeon’s spirited message simply read “Courage”. Courage meant different things during this wish, for Lorna it meant find the courage to put the cancer aside for the day, also it meant conquer your fear of heights which those family members who have that fear did so and finally to the family members who wouldn’t normally connect to the mob, they too found the courage to connect and feel what was a true family bond.

Our family will be forever grateful and Lorna’s energy during the wish can only be described to Albert Einstein’s famous quote “Rejoice your family in the beautiful land of life.


A big thanks to the Orange Pigeon and like the WW2 pigeon we too will continue his legacy by spreading our message far and wide in hope others have an opportunity to experience his spirited message.”

Thank you to Melbourne Star Observation Wheel for your help in ensuring this wish could happen with Lorna's large family.