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Darren's Wish - Fishing and Hoping

Darren had Kidney Cancer, which sadly had spread to his spine and liver. He is a proud dad to 3 gorgeous children Oliver 11, Josh 7 and Tessa 6 and is Derryn’s loving husband. His initial wish was to go on a barramundi fishing trip with his children, but his cancer is taking over and Darren is now paralysed and confined to a wheel chair and tires very easily, so we had to alter his wish, slightly! Bringing a fishing experience to him!

Darren was treated... to a very awesome experience at the Melbourne Boat Show. Our Ambassador Ben Roarty organised all of this through his good friend Paul Worsteling from Chanel 10’s IFISH w TACKLEWORLD. Darren is a big fishing fan. Paul (and his gorgeous wife Cristy) kindly spent a lot of time with Darren and his children and the kids all had a chance to have a fish in the Trout pool and Barra Tank!

They all caught a trout which was filleted for them for their dinner that night! The family were also gifted with some goodies from SHIMANO Australia Fishing and some goody bags from other generous vendors at the show. Darren had tears in his eyes and was said he was so thankful for everything that he and his family experienced.

We are so thankful to be able to have been a part of such a special day bringing much needed smiles to Darren and his family, and to partner with iFish and Shimano. Thank you to Paul & Cristy, Shimano, the kind folk at the Melbourne Boat show and to our two Ambassadors Lisa and Ben for caring so much and making Darren's day very special.

RIP Darren 24 September 1973 - 16 July 2015