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Clare's Wish - Quality Family Time For Clare

Clare has had one of her bucket list items ticked off, that being a nice comfy couch she can get out of with ease, which she can sit and enjoy family time with her children instead of being restricted in her bedroom away from them.


Clare has stage 4 Breast Cancer that has spread to her liver bones and now brain. Clare’s sister Tara said “there is no cure for stage 4 metastatic Breast Cancer.  The medication Clare is on caused rapid weight gain and muscle weakness causing immobility. This couch really means a lot to Clare and her kids making life a little more comfortable.


"We all are really grateful to Jenny and the team at The Orange Pigeon for making this wish come true.”


We are so happy that you can enjoy some very special time on your cloud of comfort new comfy couch with your children without being restricted to your room.