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Rose's Wish - Goal Kicked!


Rose has terminal breast cancer which has spread to both her lungs and lower spine with a limited prognosis. She was nominated for a wish by her daughter in law Roxanne.


Rose is a crazy West Coast Eagles fan and dreamt of meeting the team and going to one last game with her family. With the help of the amazing team at the West Coast Eagles who helped us secure 11 tickets to the game... and leapt to help with the meet and greet - Rose’s wish came true this week. Rose and her family were able to have a meet and greet with the team at their training session on Tuesday. Rose had a great time meeting her favourite player Elliot Yeo. He made quite a fuss of Rose and spent a lot of time chatting with her and signed her new jersey for her. Rose and her family then got to go to the match on Saturday to watch her team tough it out with St Kilda. Rose's favourite place to sit is at the front in the middle of the oval and that is exactly where her seats were located. Elliot even got a goal, and her daughter in law told Rose it was especially for her.


Roxanne said prior to Rose’s wish coming true “she can't wait, it’s so nice to hear her laughter and talk about something positive. You are giving her an amazing gift that would not otherwise happen. Sometimes I feel like the adult sufferers are overlooked but I am so grateful we found you and could never thank you enough. Thank you more than I can even express. This will mean the world to Rose and I hope you realise how much happiness you will bring to her and to us to see her happy.”


After a fantastic day and great memories for Rose we received this message “Your foundation have given us a gift that we can hang on to forever. Thank you again so much, you would not believe how much this means to Rose and us as a family.”


Thank you Michelle from West Coast Eagles for your help in ensuring Rose's wish was granted and giving her and her family some amazing moments to always treasure, in particular Rose's big smile!