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Debbie's Wish

Debbie lives in Kempsey and is a massive fan of all things country music. After loosing her husband to cancer 5 years ago, Debbie was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer (T-Cell Lymphoma) - Her last wish was to go home for a day from the facility she is at and have a BBQ with her family, sitting on the verandah in the sun with her three sons aged 8, 11 and 20 and other members of her family. Unfortunately due to her declining health she was unable to do this.

So we brought the BBQ to her! Along with her favourite country singer (who is currently touring and about to release her Superheroes CD) the delightful Amber Lawrence to sing a few songs for her (see link below for a sample.) Amber went out of her way and did all that she could to make Debbie’s day a wonderful one. Along with Amber being present, the irrepressible Shannon Noll recorded a lovely video message for Debbie and sang a song especially for her (see link below.)

The facility where Debbie is residing at have been an amazing support to Debbie and her children and were an integral part of ensuring everything ran smoothly on day. Thank you to Jennifer Vincent Photography for capturing such special moments for Debbie and her family as well. (attached photo courtesy of Macleay Argus)

The Orange Pigeon Inc. received the following heartfelt thanks from Debbie’s cousin Amanda: "On behalf of the family and I, we just wanted

to express a big heart felt thank you to all of you, what an amazing team at Orange Pigeon you guys truly do bring meaning to the words love, compassion and heart! Your hard work in putting Debbie’s wish together will never be forgotten! There are no words to thank you guys enough for all the effort you guys put into making this day special."The newspaper report can be read here.  To support Amber Lawrence please click here  To support Shannon Noll please click here.
RIP Debbie 13 October 1971 - 16 January 2014