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Unfortunately due to high demand and a very large waiting list The Orange Pigeon are unable to accept any new application until further notice.


The Orange Pigeon grants wishes to adults 18 years and over who are an Australian resident and have been diagnosed with a serious illness.


Recipients can be nominated by anyone, including themselves. Recipients need to be aware of the wish and need to sign the declaration along with their treating doctor/specialist.


The Orange Pigeon will prioritise applications for adults whose illness is most urgent. All applications must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Individuals with a terminal prognosis

  • Individuals in palliative care

  • Individuals in the advanced stages of progressive degenerative conditions (including hereditary and adult onset diseases) including: muscle wasting diseases

  • Chronic organ-specific conditions


The Orange Pigeon will be unable to accept referrals for any individuals who do not meet the above criteria. If you are uncertain if your condition meets the application criteria, please speak with your medical professional. For medical professionals: if you are uncertain if your patient would be eligible, please contact The Orange Pigeon.


Our categories are prioritised in order of illness:

  1. Terminal illness is of course number one and we will do everything that we can to expedite the wish as fast as possible

  2. Serious life threatening illnesses

  3. Serious chronic conditions



We regret that we are unable to grant the following types of wishes:

  • Requests for adults with chronic illnesses, unless they are in their last year of life

  • Travel outside of Australia

  • Requests from individuals living outside of Australia

  • Interstate Travel is currently on hold until further notice

  • Cruises

  • Cash

  • Surprise wishes

  • Legal assistance

  • Vehicles

  • Hunting

  • Home improvements and repairs

  • Funeral arrangements

  • Medical treatment/supplies/equipment/transportation or dental

  • or wishes to those who have had fundraising, significant donations or bucket list items already provided.



The process of determining recipients and what value their wish is as follows:

  1. We receive the formal application

  2. Check to see if it is signed off from the recipient and their doctor, specialist etc

  3. We verify with the doctor/specialist that the recipient is able to participate in the wish, and that it is not going to impact negatively on their health or treatment in any way.

  4. Currently the waiting list is quite excessive with very limited funds, the time between receiving an application and for a wish to occur can be up to 6 months NOTE: If prognosis is under 4 months please contact us asap as we prioritise these wishes.


Once this is verified, our Wish Panel meet and go over the application:

  • We establish the recipients eligibility

  • We determine if the wish is realistic

  • We determine the urgency of the wish (i.e. is the recipient a terminal patient)

  • We assess the costs of granting the wish and whether it fits into The Orange Pigeon’s budget. At present, we are unable to finance wishes in excess of $1,200 per wish. Wherever possible, we will attempt to negotiate a discount or donation of goods and or services toward the wish where expenditures exceeds the wish limit.

  • Once the application is approved, we contact the Recipient with a formal response, either via Australia Post mail, telephone call or in person depending on the location and urgency.

  • Generally dreams/wishes average $600.00 each.