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Emma's Wish - Weekend in Melbourne

Emma was 30 years old and was nominated by her husband tp have something special happen for her.


Emma gave birth in November and had terrible stomach problems after the birth, It was discovered she had stage 4 bowel Cancer.


Emma and her husband spent the weekend of 31 August 2013 in Melbourne celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. They stayed at the luxurious Park Hyatt hotel and attended the Richmond verses Essendon football game, as Emma is an Essendon supporter and Aaron is a Richmond supporter.


After the weekend Emma said "we can't thank you enough for the amazing weekend that The Orange Pigeon arranged for us recently in Melbourne. It was a very welcome and much needed break. Your generosity is so very much appreciated. If there is anything that we can do to further support the wonderful work of The Orange Pigeon please don't hesitate to let us know."


A big thank you to Essendon Football Club for donating tickets to the game and to The Park Hyatt Melbourne for providing a discount on accommodation and Virgin Australia Airlines for discounting flight tickets.


RIP Emma 31.5.82 - 16.2.2014