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Eric's Wish - A Treasure Box of Comforts


Eric’s life was turned upside down only a few weeks ago when he went to hospital for a headache that he couldn’t shake and was told he had a brain tumour that needed to be operated on. He is now very weak and unable to move and has been told he only has a month or two left.

Kristy, Eric’s daughter wanted to do something nice for her dad, initially hoping to send him to the snow where he loved to be, but was told that Eric could not leave the hospital - which was very hard for him and his family to hear.

We thought we would put together a comfort hamper for Eric which consisted of some cosy Peter Alexander pyjamas, a Sheridan dressing gown and throw rug, some slippers, luxury Max Brenner chocolates, some dvds and a Samsung tablet so that Eric can remain in contact with his family and friends while he is in hospital - some special comforts that help in a very small way ease some of the pain and provide some simple distraction for a little while.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Eric's family at this truly devastating time of their lives.
RIP Eric 10 July 1954 - 23 July 2014