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How did you come up with the name "Orange Pigeon?

The Orange Pigeon is quite quirky as we have been told many times! Here is the story behind the name:  William of Orange - the homing pigeon NS 15125 from the Second World Wars Army Pigeon Service and the Battle of Arnhem. William of Orange showed loyalty to endeavour under extreme conditions and couldn’t be faulted.


William was released from Arnhem, with a message fixed to his leg at 1030 hours on 19 September 1944. He arrived at his loft in England at 1455 hours, having flown over 260 miles in 4 hours and 25 muteness, which was a record. Delivering the first SOS message that British forces at the Battle of Arnhem were in dire straits - which saved more than 2000 soldiers. It was one of only a few messages to successfully make its way back to the UK . For his efforts, William was awarded the Dicken Medal; the animals’ Victoria Cross.


Like William of Orange, people with life threatening or terminal illnesses endeavour under extreme conditions - they undergo so much and fight a hard battle. The strength they show is beyond words, and for this...The Orange Pigeon is here.


Are the Orange Pigeon's financials audited?

In an effort to provide our donors with timely and accurate information, The Orange Pigeon voluntarily undergoes an annual audit of our financial records by an independent accounting firm. Additionally, to ensure the accuracy of expenses for each individual wish we fulfill, auditors perform the same rigorous auditing standards.


What portion of my donation or sponsorship is used for recipients?

100% - Each staff member volunteers their time and do not receive an income from The Orange Pigeon.


What is the criteria for granting a wish?
  • The recipient must be an adult within Australia who is 18 years and older, with a terminal illness

  • The recipient must not have had a previous wish granted from another organisation

  • The recipient must be able to communicate his or her wish, verbally or non verbally

  • A certified medical doctor must sign the official Application Form, signifying that his or her patient's condition is life- threatening or terminal

  • The wish needs to be within the borders of Australia

  • All wishes are subject to The Orange Pigeon's available funding


What if my wish is to travel somewhere?

Travel wishes must be safe and realistic for the recipient, and realistic for The Orange Pigeon to fulfil. Wishes that involve overnight or airline travel require the recipient to have a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo identification.Travel wishes require your doctor to sign a medical authorisation form.The Orange Pigeon will need to work closely with medical personnel to determine the appropriate time to safely carry out the recipients wish.The travel must be within the borders of Australia.


What if I want to meet a celebrity?

We all dream of meeting our favourite celebrity, either an actor, sports star, musicians, authors, etc,. Sometimes it's simple and sometimes it's a tough thing to do. Celebrity wishes may take a while to arrange, as they are dependent upon the celebrity’s availability and willingness to participate. Therefore, we cannot guarantee meet-and-greets, phone calls or autographed memorabilia, but we will certainly do our very best to try.


How long does it take to process an application?

An application may take several weeks to process, subject to available funds. All aspects of each application are subject to The Orange Pigeon’s approval. The Orange Pigeon asks that all applications be realistic for the recipient and for The Orange Pigeon to fulfil.


Can I donate anonymously?

Yes, we recognise that many of our donors, whether they are individuals, corporations or celebrities, may choose to help without receiving public recognition. All requests for privacy are strictly adhered to.

Can I make a donation to The Orange Pigeon on behalf of someone else?

Yes, if you would like to make an honorarium or memorial gift, you may do so via our web site by clicking on the Donate Now tab at the top of this page, then selecting one of the donation methods available and following the prompts. You may also deposit a gift directly into The Orange Pigeon's Bank account: Bank: Westpac Account Name: The Orange Pigeon Inc. BSB: 033 121 Account No: 356741

For more information, please email info@orangepigeon.org.au. If you prefer to mail your contribution, you can do so via cheque or money order, sending it to:The Orange Pigeon, PO Box 964 Melton, Vic 3337


Is there any charge to the family of a recipient?

The Orange Pigeon never charges a wish recipient or their family for fulfilling a wish. All expenses for the wish are appropriately funded. We believe the recipient and their families should not be burdened by the financial cost of their wish.