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Frances has Stage 4 Cancer which has spread to her hip and spine. She was nominated by her daughter Rebecca for a new bed. Frances has never owned a new bed before and since being diagnosed with her cancer she has fractured her L2 in her spine in 4 places.


Rebecca said "mum had always been healthy - the news came out of the blue. We thought all she had was some back pain." - The news that Frances had stage four cancer was even more unbelievable, Rebecca said "Mum's a life long non smoker, of course you know that non smokers can get lung caner, but it's the last thing any of us expected"

The Orange Pigeon jumped at the chance to bring the comfort that Frances was needing as she undergoes more chemotherapy and radiation treatment. We hope that her new bedroom setting and comfy mattress brings Frances many peaceful and comfortable night's of sleep and rest.


Frances has 5 grandchildren and she was a librarian in Goondiwindi for a long time. She's always been a fighter. Fran said, "Things like getting this bed really gives you a boost."

Thank you to Border Furniture Court / Beds R Us in Goondiwindi QLD for helping us achieve this wish for Frances.


Frances' Wish - Luxury, Comfort & Sweet Dreams