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Gail's Wish

Gail had a simple wish of a nice weekend away with her mum Eileen and her sister Susan. The Orange Pigeon booked them into a 2 two night stay in a Sub Penthouse at The Entrance (near Sydney) and organised some pampering (pictured) for them all, including hair treatments  along with a pedicure and facial.


Gail is seriously ill and is on a waiting list for a lung transplant, without this she will not see Easter. It was very special for Gail to spend this quality time with her mum and sister. Gail’s sister Susan said “having a member of the family sick really affects the whole family and to have a wish like this granted helps not just the recipient but the entire family.”


The Orange Pigeon was able to provide this wish for Gail through fundraising, including our recent Family Fun Night and chocolate drives . Thanks goes out to our dedicated volunteers for their fundraising efforts - their dedication is what is helping make differences to the lives of seriously ill adults and their families.