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Gerard - Our Family Our Love

Gerard had Metastatic Thymoma - which had progressed and he was experiencing severe pain and was under palliative care. His wish was to have a photo shoot with his children so that his children had memories of him when he passed. We received his application right before Christmas and saw the goodness of so many businesses reaching out to ensure Gerard’s wish came true. It was he...art-warming and it really did capture the spirit of Christmas and they were all willing to drop what they had been doing to help this family - We send thanks to the many of you who were willing to help..

We also would like to send a gigantic thank you to Dale Haberfield from Millbrook Studios for his amazing grace and talent, and for taking time out from his family on Christmas Eve to help bring Gerard’s family some comfort..


The photos he captured were simply stunning as you will see by the one we have shared with you today. Sometimes something as simple as a photo for a family can bring so much happiness and everlasting memories. Thank you so much Dale.