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Gordon's Wish - A Live Wake



The night around 11.30pm with a few die hard friends wanting to party on but by that time Gordy was ready to take the memories of a fabulous day home to bed to treasure forever.


Thank you again to Orange Pigeon for the wonderful support in making the day possible.." The Orange Pigeon were happy to be a part of Gordon's wonderful celebration.

Gordon has incurable Esophageal Cancer. His wish was to have a live wake to enjoy time with his friends and family. Gordon's wife Sandra nominated him knowing he would love to celebrate his life whilst he was still there. The Orange Pigeon helped provide this event to Gordon by organising the catering for this party.


This is what Sandra wrote after the event:

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all at Orange Pigeon.Gordy's Live Wake was a ripper day/night..We had well over 120 friends and family come and join in the fun and celebration of life and laughter that is my beautiful man AKA Gordy Fry.


We kicked the day off at 3pm, I was a little late as I was taxi service getting some of the troupes there. So on my second arrival at 3.30pm there were already 100 guests getting well into the swing of the day. By 4pm we had Tim & Roy "Fry Bothers" Gordy's cousins rocking the house with some of their tunes. By 5pm Geoff Achison had a warmed up crowd and got the Blues magic rolling.6pm saw the arrival of Chris  Wilson and then it was on for young and old dancing the mothballs off the carpet at the club.The incredible talent of Geoff and Chris was enjoyed and appreciated by all and gig'ed on until after 10pm.


The President (of Hoppers Crossing Cricket Club) Darren Hellman MC'ed the day and Gordy got up to say a few very gracious and thankful words to all that had helped to make his day.