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Gwen's Helicopter Joy Flight

Gwen has Stage 4 Breast cancer, receiving palliative care at home. Gwen’s cancer has spread to her bones and lungs, has had a complete left hip replacement and has excessive pain. There is no cure or way to stop her cancer, the doctors are just trying to keep her comfortable and slow down the progression of it.

For her whole life Gwen has always wanted to take a sightseeing helicopter ride. We teamed up with the amazing Microflite Helicopter Services who kindly provided 50% off the usual costs, Peter who is the Operations Manager was incredible to deal with and did all he could to ensure Gwen's comfort. Adam, their pilot for the day, was such a gentleman and looked after Gwen with such care. Gwen along with her best friend Michelle were able to have the experience of a lifetime with a full day Wine-Food-Fly Yarra Valley Tour including a 3 course lunch at Yering Station where Dan and the staff at were just wonderful and attentive to the girls.

Thank you Microflite Helicopter Services and Yering Station for putting in so much care to ensure Gwen’s day was incredible for her. Please read below as Gwen shares her wish day story.

As the day grows nearer my expectations grow as does my excitement. My lifelong desire to ride in a helicopter flight is coming true! Finally, my Wish Day has arrived and after a fabulously comfortable chauffer driven ride into the city I find myself on 'Lift Off' and my excitement grows. Myself and my best friend Michelle (who found out about Orange Pigeon and did all the application side and surprised me when she showed my part of the application,) I had no idea until then. We had a 'Hot Lift-off' which meant the rotors kept turning and weren't shut down, that differed so much from a lift-off from a cold engine it made the take off more surreal. Wow what a start to what becomes the most indulgent and memory giving day.

My first flight of the day is awesome, I forget to take photos as I'm completely engrossed in the sensation of upward flight and all my senses are firing. The scenery is astonishing, to be so close to the ground and see so much detail. We fly forwards and onward to our destination in the Yarra Valley 'Yering Station Winery' and after the amazing sensation of landing we are met by Orange Pigeon's Wish Ambassador the lovely Kara Gandolfo who has taken photos of our landing (thank goodness) and greets us with the most amazing big bunch of long stemmed red roses which take pride of place on my dinner table.

More photos of the exquisite scenery from our dining table and the restaurant which served such wonderful a'la'carte food so good that we took photos to remember each dish. I received even more gifts and toasts of champagne but the most memorable of all was a vase with orange fabric flowers which will last forever and I look at every day on my kitchen bench and it always brings a smile to my face - a great way to start a day.

I had such a great time I forgot all about my pain and temporarily felt good for a day and even weeks to come with every memory. It was the best feeling ever, even if I was running on adrenaline. But best of all are the memories and the friends I've made plus Michelle and I are going to save up for our 1yr goal- on the anniversary of my Wish Day we will take a short flight with MicroFlite then a dinner at Crown casino to celebrate another year (don't forget the chauffer driven car).

Thank You to The Orange Pigeon Inc.and Kara for her attention to detail, and the happiness and caring of all at Orange Pigeon.

Gwen x0x0x