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Kelly's Wish

In December of 2005, Kelly was diagnosed with an incurable cancerous brain tumour. She had emergency surgery to remove as much as possible but they were unable to remove all of it as it was just too dangerous. In 2007 the tumour had grown back and she endured a second operation in November of that year, with radiotherapy following.


In 2013 she was given told that the tumour had again grown back again and had to have a third operation with pathology showing her cancer was now more aggressive and required chemotherapy for 6 months.

This was and continues to be a difficult and emotional time for Kelly and her family with a lot of hurdles to overcome. At this stage Kelly is unsure of her future.


Kelly’s husband Greg, nominated Kelly for a wish that would blow her socks off - VIP tickets to the Katy Perry concert in Melbourne! She was able to share this night with Greg, their daughter Jasmine and Kelly’s best friend Miriam.


Kelly said “the Katy Perry Concert experience, just 'Out of this world!' It was absolutely fantastic! I'm still buzzing from it. We got right on the stage barrier, what an experience!! Definitely one I will never forget. I cannot thank you enough for this, it's just the most memorable thing and  unforgettable experience with my best friend & family!


We are glad you had a great night Kelly.