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RIP Lynne 22.09.51 - 27.03.2014


Lynne had been fighting cancer since 2001, starting off with breast cancer she is in the final stages of terminal brain cancer. Lynne's husband Steve nominated Lynne to meet John Farnham, her favourite singer (she has not missed any of his concerts!) With the help from The Dainty Group we were able to move from Tempus Two Winery in NSW to the Sydney venue due to her health deteriorating and the need for a wheel chair, and The Dainty Group supplied Lynne and Steve with front row tickets!


Then after a few sneaky calls and emails by ourselves and Lynne's friends Lynne received a phone call from her idol, John Farnham! Lynne's husband Steve said the smile never left her face that day! On the day of the concert Steve and Lynne were asked to arrive early at a specific place and there they were met by none other than John Farnham himself. .


Steve said "John is an absolute gentleman. Not only waited for us as we were stuck in traffic, but he had spied us twice during the concert. The first time he saw us whilst looking down in a direct line of sight and waved at the two of us. The second time was very moving. Later whilst singing a nice ballad he looked directly at Lynne, who was looking directly back, and whilst still singing crossed his arms in a hug fashion and metaphorically hugged her from the stage. She in turn blew him a kiss from her smiling face." The photo says it all. Lynne was in heaven!"


Steve was interviewed for Penriths The Western Weekender and said "she's now close to the end of her days but through the goodwill and decency of a number of people in recent weeks, she will end her life with some more exceptional memories." Lynne passed away peacefully on 27 March 2014 with Steve and her children by her side. 

Lynne's Wish - To meet John Farnham