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Michelle's Wish

Gemma nominated her mum Michelle to receive a recliner chair. Gemma wanted her mum to have some comfort as she was battling Bowel Cancer and had been given only weeks to months to live.


Sadly from the time we ordered the chair for Michelle she went into palliative care and then passed away. Gemma found comfort in writing the journey of her mum’s journey, which can be found below. 


We hope that Gemma can spend some special times in her mum’s chair looking at photos and remembering the good times with her mum. Gemma, we are so very sorry for the loss of your mum and so sorry she didn’t get to enjoy her chair - but smile knowing she had you in her life and know she is always going to be protecting you, like you did for her all of her life.


RIP Michelle 5 July 1964 - 31 March 2015