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ABN 39 155 797 231


PO Box 964

Melton Vic 3337

The Bucket List Foundation©
for seriously ill adults

We do not have any paid staff - All our volunteers are unpaid workers and kindly volunteer their time


Jenny Clark


Mick Clark


Lisa Denis

Ambassador - Public Speaker

Daniel Webber

Ambassador - Public Speaker

Lisa has 3 children and enjoys spending her weekends with them and her husband. Lisa is never short of an idea or an activity to do. She has been involved in charities for over 20 years and was Miss Teen Victoria in 1989, raising $59,000 - which is nothing short of fantastic! Lisa is a vibrant social butterfly who takes great delight in attending many events.

Mick is an all round good guy who helps with everything from supply a few dollars here and there to see The Orange Pigeon through tough times to carrying things to events. He works full time in demolition and has 2 daughters. He is really everybodies best friend and loves seeing the impact that The Orange Pigeon has on families throughout Australia.

Daniel is dad to 3 young girls. His family is the reason The Orange Pigeon exists. His wife Nadine was the inspiration for The Orange Pigeon, sadly she passed away 18 March 2015. Daniel is a pretty amazing man, although would never admit this himself. He juggles life as a single dad, works very hard and sometimes to see his beloved Hawks play a game of footy too.

Jenny is mum to 2 girls & grandma to Charlie. Her motto is, "In the end, only kindness matters." She discovered that adults generally feel they are not worthy of the care they are shown when a wish is presented to them and considers this the "Loreal factor", because they are worth it! Jenny is incredibly kind and compassionate She is an avid supporter of Hawthorn Football Club and loves music.

Our Wish Granting Team

Jenny Howell-Clark

Wish Granting Coordinator

Kerry Gill

Wish Maker

Kerry is a Nurse and a mum of 2. She leads a very busy life and loves spending time with family and friends. Her greatest joys is spending time riding her horses, it brings her peace and tranquility. Kerry has been a part of The Orange Pigeon for several years and she is such a calming person to be around. She always has a positive word about everyone and is passionate in all that she does.

Ben Roarty

Wish Maker

Ben is a former professional rugby league player, having won a grand final with the Melbourne Storm in 1999. Ben has a passion for helping others and is always working with one foundation or another.. Ben said "I am sincerely humbled by the opportunity to help others, the gift of giving and receiving is a privilege that should not be taken lightly and by working with The Orange Pigeon, I will be able to further fulfil my dreams of helping others." 


Nikola McGillivray

Kimberley lives in Adelaide and is married with 3 boys. She has an amazing sense of warmth and compassion and often surprises friends and family with little treats in the mail or even hidden in their homes. She loves her family and works for a family business. Kimberley is a generous, loyal and humble person who loves a good laugh.

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing - Social Media

Kimberley Reynolds

Marketing Team - Design

Christie is such a giving person. She is always wanting to help and has been an unofficial volunteer for many years. We are glad she is an official volunteer now and has actively participated in many talks to organisations. She has a wonderful aura about her and it's a pleasure being in her company..

Marketing Team

Christie Sievers

Nikola sees the best in everyone. She's a very bright, bubbly and cheerful young woman with a smile that lights up a room! Nikola absolutely adores volunteering with The Orange Pigeon. She brings a sense of warmth and fun to everything she does and is a thinker with unique ideas - which she's always keen to share. Nikola loves going to comedy gigs and spending time with her friends.

Our Marketing Team

Lisa Denis

Events Coordinator

Chantal Cunningham

Chantal is a very busy mum of 3 boys and works full time. She also runs her own small business and is a loving wife. She is forever occupied with life and loves spending time with family and friends and enjoys longs walks and bike rides with her boys. Chantal is also The Orange Pigeon's Treasurer and has been involved with The Orange Pigeon since its inception in 2012.

Sarah is a dedicated team member who is a quiet achiever, but always the first to raise her hand to offer her help in any way she can. She is a busy student at uni and loves spending time with her family and friends. She is a kind hearted person who does what she can to make life better for others. Sarah has been with The Orange Pigeon since its inception in 2012.

Events Team

Our Events Team

Sarah Hall
Nick Denis

Events Team

Nick is a dad to 3 children and husband to our Ambassador Lisa. Nick works many long hours but always finds time to help support The Orange Pigeon in the lead up to events and at events, and is also so patient lending his wife to us more often than not!

Tania Brock

Events Team

Tania is a busy mum of 3 and works full time. She is the first to jump in and help when needed and always makes herself available. She is a lot of fun and loves to laugh. She enjoys spending days exploring the city and is a lover of stage shows. She enjoys the beach and loves her time with her children. Tania has been a volunteer with The Orange Pigeon since it's inception in 2012.

Shirley is married and has 3 children and one adorable grandson. One of her favourite things to do is dance and she has been in some major competitions and won several of these. She also loves to travel with her husband and loves spending time with her friends. She has been involved with The Orange Pigoen since its inception and is a wonderful asset to us. Just don't ask her to make you a cup of tea!

HR - Nest Recruitment

Shirley Fagan

   Nest Recruitment

Dean Ring

Dean has two boys and a baby girl baking with the timer set to 23 May 2016. He loves camping in he's retro 80's caravan around water were he feels at home, Some of locals call him Doc from Back to the Future as he is always working on a new project that is ahead of time and a little crazy. He loves helping people and always happy to give he's time putting them first.

Technology & Events


Dean O'Loughlin
Katrina Hughan

Katrina works full time and is a mum to 1 daughter. She loves to have a laugh and loves spending time with her family and her friends. She is so friendly and easy going and you are immediately attracted to her warmness and smile. Katrina lives in Horsham and helps out as much as she cans and often makes the trip to Melbourne to attend function.

Funding Assistant

Dean is based in Horsham and has been involved with The Orange Pigeon since we were formed. He has 2 daughters that keep him busy and he simply adores them. Dean is a team player and strategically minded but also rather charming and witty! He effortlessly lifts the mood to bring smiles and laughter to everyone around him. He supports the Western Bulldogs.

Funding Coordinator

Our Funding/Grants Team

Our Support Crew


Cherrie Waldie

Cherrie is a quiet achiever! She always pops her head in when we need her most and quietly slips away again. She is a caring lady who just adores her grand children. We love having her on board and couldn't get by without all of her help.

Support Crew

Funding & Research Assistant

Jessica Gill

Jess has a heart of gold and cares so much about the community. She was heavily involved in our gala event in 2014 and in Eric's wish. She is our funding assistant and we are so happy she is a part of our team.

Tanya Cooke

Tanya works full time and is a mum to Jordan and wife to Troy. Without a doubt one of the hardest workers we know. Tanya always lends a helping hand when needed and we think the world of her. She has amazing compassion for others and puts other before herself all the time..

Support Crew

Briony Howell

Briony is mum to Charlie and is studying at university. She's been an integral part of The Orange Pigeon team since its inception with an astounding and persistent level of committment. Nothing ever seems too much for Briony,

Junior Volunteer

Keirah Clark

Keirah has been a part of The Orange Pigeon since she was 7 years old and helps in many different ways such as in the office, at events, at sausage sizzles, wrapping hampers, taking notes. The Orange Pigeon means a lot to her and she is very passionate about the work we do. She is also the daughter of our founders.

Tiana is our Ambassador Lisa's daughter. Tiana is a junior Ambassador herself and confidently and proudly tells everyone she meets about the work The Orange Pigeon does. She is a bright, happy and bubbly young lady and is a great asset to our team. We can see a long future for her in the Orange Pigeon.

Tiana Denis

Junior Ambassador & Volunteer

Kyle is our Ambassador Lisa's son. He helps where ever he can and always has impeccable manners. He attends as many Orange Pigeon events as he can and is incredibly proud of being a part of the team.

Junior Volunteer

Kyle Denis

Beau is our Ambassador Lisa's other son. He is a silent achiever and uses his initiative getting jobs done. Beau's dedication to The Orange Pigeon is amazing, he is always wearing his wristbands to raise awareness for the work we do and tells as many people as he can about us. His smile and manners are beautiful and we are so very lucky to have him on board.

Junior Volunteer

Beau Denis

Our Junior Volunteers