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When Pam was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012 her son Hamish was less than 2 years old. Pam underwent treatment. Pam was in remission for about a year when she was found to have metastases and stage 4 Breast Cancer. Pam then underwent chemotherapy but unfortunately her cancer progressed. In May she was nominated for a wish by her Palliative Care Worker Liz. Liz explained that neither Pam, her husband Jessie of their 5 year old son had ever seen snow fall and that it would be lovely for them to have a short trip to the Victorian snow fields. It would create wonderful memories that will help them all as they were facing an uncertain future.

NGage Technologies (who are incredible supporters of The Orange Pigeon) found out about Pam’s wish and immediately jumped into action by sponsoring her wish. Everything was booked for the family, their flights, their accommodation both in Melbourne at Crown and their accommodation in the Highlands. Unfortunately, and devastatingly, Pam became very unwell in the week leading up to her wish and was unable to proceed with it. We had hoped that Pam’s health would stabilise, but unfortunately it didn’t and she was unable to have her ultimate wish granted.

Later on Liz, her Palliative Care Nurse suggested that a day bed would be lovely for Pam to spend quality and very special time with Jesse and Hamish, and when the time comes for Pam - Both Jesse and Hamish can find comfort on the day bed and remember the special times they had with Pam.

Hamish said, “Pam is truly grateful to you and NGage for your support, she loves the day bed even more than the prospect of going to the snow. Unfortunately we got some bad news today and it’s looking like she has only a couple for weeks left. Devastating news for us but thank you again for what you have all done for someone you have never met. Many thanks.

Liz said “Thanks again for the wonderful Orange Pigeon, all the thinking about planning the trip then the daybed gave Pam so much pleasure and faith in the kindness that is in this world. The day bed is super comfortable and it is big enough for Hamish to enjoy using it as a platform for his Pokemon cards! We just have to keep believing in what we are doing, we are making a difference to the lives of the people we help, even if we can’t stop their disease process! It really helps me balance my sense of powerlessness/what I can realistically do, around Pam and her family, to have you guys helping them…you help the carers as well as the cared for”

Sadly, Pam passed away on 6 December 2016. We send Hamish and Jesse all of our love and best wishes.