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Richard's Jamala Experience

Richard had end stage Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. His wish was to spend a night at the Jamala Wildlife Lodge in Canberra. Richard’s wish was granted but sadly he passed away after the wish surrounded by his dearest family and friends.

Richard enjoyed his wish experience of a 3 day stay with his wife Lynne and his very dear friend/carer Malcolm at the Jamala Wildlife Lodge, which is situated on the banks of the Molonglo River next to Scrivener Dam in Canberra (which is also a National Zoo & Aquarium read more at the end of Richard’s wish below) Richard had comfort that Lynne now has happy memories amongst all the very challenging times ahead. Lynne said “the wish experience was Richards dream and everything was perfect.”

Richard enjoyed his wish experience immensely. He not only got to spend one night at Jamala Wildlife Lodge but was granted an extra complimentary night from the Jamala Wildlife Lodge owner Mr Tindale,

who we thank along with Andrea who helped to coordinate everything to come together nicely for Richard to enjoy his wish. Mr Tindale expressed that it was an honour to meet Richard and assist with his wish experience. He said "it has given me a whole new lease of life and l can't thank you and The Orange Pigeon enough."

Lynne has expressed her deepest, most heartfelt thanks to The Orange Pigeon for making Richard's wish come true, for what we had arranged for her husband, the phone calls, making sure Richard had everything in place with the support of The Canberra Hospital staff and Jamala Wildlife Lodge staff. Lynne said, "Kara, l don't know how to thank you and everyone at The Orange Pigeon for what you did for Richard, he had the best time, we couldn't stop talking about it when he was able to come home, it really did give him a new lease of life, energy."

Discharged from hospital a few days after his wish experience, Richard was able to spend an extra month living with his wife with support services, family and friends around him. The family bought Richard a puppy and he could not forget the wish experiences he shared with Lynne and best friend Malcolm at Jamala Wildlife Lodge.

Our care does not end at the cessation of the wish or death of the wish recipient, if a family member chooses to remain in contact with The Orange Pigeon we are always happy to talk with and support them with love and compassion.

RIP Richard 4 October 1949 - 25 April 2016