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Robert's Miracle

“Thank you so much Jenny, to you and your team and whoever else made this happen I cannot thank you enough. From the bottom of our hearts we are eternally grateful. I must admit I never believed in miracles until reaching out to your foundation. My family have been in tears of pure joy with what you have made happen for my grandfather, in such a dark time of our lives we thank you for giving us this opportunity to make him smile one last time.  I still can't believe that Paul agreed to this, what a wonderful man he is and everyone at the Swans Football Club. Even the courier driver would never understand how much we really appreciate this. My family and I will be making a donation to the foundation as a small token of gratitude, hopefully it will allow someone else's family to make a wish come true.”

That was Kylie’s response after we were able to grant her beloved grandfather, Robert’s wish. Robert was diagnosed many years ago with chronic leukaemia and then had a diagnosis of prostate cancer after receiving treatment for this he was then diagnosed with acute leukaemia and melanoma. He is currently in hospital and in his final days.

Robert has been a one eyed Sydney Swans/South Melbourne supporter all of his life. He has a great character and his granddaughter Kylie said “he lives for his family as is a great provider, he enjoys the simple things in life fishing, camping, football and a beer, his always up for a chat and always sees the brighter side to whatever situation comes at him. He is the kind of man he is he would give a stranger the shirt of his own back if they needed it. And this is the reason that we are applying for this wish he never asks for anything and wants for nothing, he is always putting everyone before his own needs.”

As Robert loves his Swans so much, in particular the great Paul Kelly, Kylie thought it would be great if we could do something nice and get a video message to him and possibly a signed Guernsey from the team. The Orange Pigeon took on the challenge, and in the space of a day, and with help from many, many sources it was completed. People from all walks of life and businesses lent a hand in trying to get us in contact with Paul Kelly, there were phone calls, emails, text message and within 24 hours we had the video message from Paul Kelly ready to go for Robert. Words cannot even express the gratitude we have for all of those amazing people for their help and to Paul Kelly himself - it was complete acts of kindness on behalf of all involved.

The second part of the wish was a signed Guernsey from the Sydney Swans. Again, our wonderful contacts who gave us their contacts who knew contacts, it was wonderful. We thank the Sydney Swans for their incredibly swift response, in particular Jordan and Anita who both went above and beyond and saw the immediate response needed to help fulfil his wish. We also really need to give a massive shout out to TNT, as if it weren’t for their kindness and immediate action the Guernsey would not have arrived until after the weekend. Jane from TNT was amazing, she got straight onto a driver who took a special trip out and drove out to the SCG in Sydney to collect the parcel, literally 14 minutes from the time we placed the order, it was collected! And at no extra charge!

We cannot thank those who helped enough, we are forever grateful as is Robert’s family.

Robert’s son said “I want to thank you personally and the Orange Pigeon foundation and Sydney Swans and everyone involved in this from the bottom of my heart for what's happened. I can't stress to you the emotions that I'm feeling for it, Dad is my hero.”

Thank you to everyone who played a part in Robert’s wish and much love to Robert and his family during this very difficult time in your lives.

The stars aligned and miracles really did happen

Sadly Robert lost his battle on 30 April 2017. Our thoughts are with his family.