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Support Services

            BCNA - Breast Cancer

            Network Australia


              Breast Cancer Network Australia

              (BCNA) works to ensure that

              Australians affected by breast cancer receive the very best support, information, treatment and care appropriate to their individual needs.


BCNA is the peak national organisation for Australians affected by breast cancer, and consists of a network of more than 90,000 individual members and 300 Member Groups. More than 90 per cent of our members have had a diagnosis of breast cancer, and the remaining members have had a personal experience with breast cancer through a family member or friend.


Represented by the Pink Lady silhouette, symbolic of our focus on the women diagnosed with breast cancer and all those around her.



293 Camberwell Road

Camberwell, Victoria
Phone: Freecall 1800 500 258
Email: beacon@bcna.org.au

Website www.bcna.org.au






CC For Me

Confident Clothing for your Breast Cancer Journey


CC For Me is an Australian womenswear label targeted at women that have undergone breast cancer surgery. CC For Me offer stylish, comfortable and affordable post-operative clothing. 


CC For Me understand that women do not want to dress differently as a result of surgery. The collection consists of drape techniques in feminine silhouettes to help to discreetly cover a woman’s chest where the breast has been removed or partially removed. The collection is made from Modal fabric, which is breathable, soft and cooling on the skin. CC For Me provides reassurance that women look good and feel good. Whether it has been six weeks or six years after surgery and treatment, CC For Me provides a sense of femininity and confidence to women throughout their breast cancer journey. 


CC For Me

PO BOX 381

Oatlands NSW 2117

Email: gemma@ccforme.com

Website: www.ccforme.com

                   The Leukaemia Foundation

                       Providing personalised and

                       practical support for patients and

                       families living with:










This support is provided by our extensive team of highly trained Support Services staff who are there to help through every step of the journey.

All services are provided free of charge to patients and families and are available in metropolitan, regional and rural areas across Australia.


The Leukaemia Foundation

Phone: Free Call 1800 620 420

Email: info@leukaemia.org.au

Website: www.leukaemia.org.au



  • Leukaemias

  • Lymphomas



  • Myeloma

  • Myelodysplastic Syndromes

  • Myelproliferative Disorders

  • Waldenstroms

  • Amyloidosis

  • Aplastic Anaemia


                 Bowel Cancer Australia

                      There are more than 14,000 reasons

                      to support Bowel Cancer Australia -

                     one for each person whose life will be changed when they are diagnosed with bowel cancer, and that's just in one year. 


Unlike many other cancers, bowel cancer is preventable, yet:

  • it is the second biggest cancer killer of Australians, after lung cancer;

  • 77 Australians - males and females, young and old - lose their lives to this cancer every week.


This is where Bowel Cancer Australia comes in.  The charity works to reduce the impact of bowel cancer in the community through advocacy, awareness, education, support and research.  


Bowel Cancer Australia works across a range of activities that help prevent, detect and manage bowel cancer.  It has earned a leading role in these activities while working with health organisations, government, business and volunteers to further leverage its efforts and results.


Bowel Cancer Australia

Level 2, 65 Walker Street

North Sydney, NSW 2060
Phone: 1800 555 494 
Website: www.bowelcanceraustralia.org 

                                   Ovarian Cancer


                                   Founded by people directly affected by ovarian cancer who wanted to raise awareness of the disease and support those who had been affected.

Every woman needs to know the symptoms of ovarian cancer. The four most common symptoms of ovarian cancer include:

  • Abdominal or pelvic pain.

  • Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating.

  • Needing to urinate often or urgently.

  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly.


Each year in February Ovarian Cancer Australia runs a national Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month campaign to highlight the symptoms of ovarian cancer and to raise funds for programs,


Ovarian Cancer Australia
Queen Victoria Women’s Centre
Level 1, 210 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne 3000

Phone: 1300 660 334

Email: admin@ovariancancer.net.au 

Website: www.ovariancancer.net.au


                             Brain Foundation

                                      Brain tumours affect adults

                                      of all ages. There are almost

                                      1,400 new cases of malignant

                                      brain tumours in Australia

and many more benign brain tumours that can be just as deadly if the tumour is in a vital area of the brain. More than 1,200 people die each year from malignant and benign brain tumours.


The Brain Foundation is a nationally registered charity dedicated to funding world-class research Australia-wide into neurological disorders, brain disease and brain injuries.


Established in 1970 by neurologists and neurosurgeons, the Brain Foundation funds groundbreaking projects that aim to advance diagnoses, treatment and patient outcomes.  The Brain Foundation annually provides research grants to candidates who are selected by eminent neurological practitioners.


There is no cure without research.


Brain Foundation

PO Box 579, Crows Nest, NSW 1585

Phone: 1300 886 660

Website: www.brainfoundation.org.au

                                  The Olivia Newton-                            John Cancer &  

                            Wellness Centre



Located at the Austin Hospital in Heidelberg, Melbourne. 


It combines leading medical treatment and research of international significance, integrated with the best of wellness care and support for cancer patients and their families.


The Cancer and Wellness Centre builds on the Austin Health cancer expertise since 1882, in collaboration with the global Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research - the centre seeks to bridge the gap between research, treatment and cancer care. Join Olivia’s dream to help provide the best in cancer care and research.


Olivia Newton-John

Cancer & Wellness Centre
Austin Hospital
145 Studley Road, Heidelberg
Phone: 03 9496 5000
Website: www.oliviaappeal.com


                               My Wedding Wish



My Wedding Wish is a national charity where couples who are facing terminal illness can apply to receive a fully gifted wedding.

Founder, Celebrant Lynette Maguire, says a key value of My Wedding Wish is that “everyone deserves a beautiful wedding”.  The suppliers and sponsors agree!


The Orange Pigeon are pleased to be affiliated with My Wedding Wish Ltd  Check out this charity’s beautiful work by visiting www.myweddingwish.org and visit their facebook page and give them a like to show your support of the work they are doing www.facebook.com/WeddingWish


My Wedding Wish

Website: www.myweddingwish.org.au