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for seriously ill adults


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Melton Vic 3337

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ABN 39 155 797 231


Unfortunately due to high demand and a very large waiting list The Orange Pigeon are unable to accept any new application until further notice.

The Orange Pigeon grants wishes to adults 18 years and over in Australia who have been diagnosed with a life threatening or terminal illness.


What is a wish or comfort?

A wish or comfort aims to provide a break and distraction from the realities of living with a serious illness. At a time of uncertainty, spending quality time with loved ones or doing something you've always wanted to do or having a special comfort, can help restore a sense of normality, boost morale and create precious memories for the future. Every special day is the recipeints choosing and is tailored to meet their needs ‐ offering an uplifting and positive experience to be shared with a partner, parents, siblings, children or close friends.




We regret that we are unable to grant the following types of wishes:

  • Requests for adults with chronic illnesses, unless they are in their last year of life

  • Travel outside of Australia

  • Requests from individuals living outside of Australia,

  • Cruises

  • Cash

  • Surprise wishes

  • Legal assistance

  • Vehicles

  • Hunting

  • Home improvements and repairs

  • Funeral arrangements

  • Medical treatment/supplies/equipment/transportation or dental

  • or wishes to those who have had fundraising, significant donations or bucket list items already provided


"The memories and time spent will always be so precious to all of us. The joy that the trip brought to mum, I cannot place a value on! It was such a blessing to help her just for a little while forget the sickness and her prognosis and to relax, laugh and enjoy! I could see her spirit was lifted up, and she really just appreciated and enjoyed every single minute."

 -Olivia, daughter of wish recipient