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Wishes Granted

"you do need to know (and I hope you realise this often) that your  gift to one

person is actually a gift to so many. We will forever cherish this day that let

us forget how ugly cancer is and realise how beautiful life can be"

- Nikki, sister of Chris who had his lifelong  wish of driving a Ferrari granted

Brody is 28 years old and was diagnosed with Osteo sarcoma (bone cancer) in 2015 which has now spread to his lungs. Brody’s only wish was to see his beloved Richmond Tigers play some footy. Brody has undergone both radiotherapy and chemotherapy but now there are no further treatment options available for Brody. He has limited mobility and is troubled by significant pain.

He has a very limited prognosis of a matter of weeks. One thing that makes Brody smile is the football - he just loves Richmond. He was able to attend a game with some of his closest friends - and his beautiful mum Peta was able to come along for the ride as well - it was Mother’s Day after all and she had never been in a hummer! Read more

Dawid was diagnosed with a low grade brain tumour in 2013. Unfortunately, this tumour has now formed to a Grade 4 tumour and it is now going to take his life.  Dawid used to race cars and is not able to do so any longer. This really upsets him as it’s a huge passion of his. His social worker wrote to us to see if we might be able to organise a PlayStation for him to race cars virtually. We thought this was a great idea and had something else up our sleeves for him.


The wonderful people from Charity Drive Days offered Dawid (at no charge) a day he would not forget driving around in race and specialist cars on the Grand Prix Race Circuit in Phillip Island. Read more

Kerry has Huntington’s Disease and her wish was to ride a really fast lap at the Clipsal 500 race in Adelaide.

Kerry loves fast cars and we loved being able to help her dream come true with the help from The Motor Sport Group. She was able to get behind the scenes and got up to 170kms with her driver Bob. Her best friend and carer attended the day with Kerry and this is what she had to say about the day. I told Kerry I had a surprise for her and she still wasn't sure what it was, until she was put into a Holden course car! Bob our driver was wonderful (I got to go too) Read More


Robert's Wish
"I never believed in miracles until reaching out to your foundation"

Robert is in the final stages of Leukaemia. His granddaughter wrote in to see if we could organise something super special for him. See Paul Kelly’s video message here:

“Thank you so much to you and your team and whoever else made this happen I cannot thank you enough. From the bottom of our hearts we are eternally grateful. I must admit I never believed in miracles until reaching out to your foundation. My family have been in tears of pure joy with what you have made happen for my grandfather, in such a dark time of our lives we thank you for giving us this opportunity to make him smile one last time. I still can't believe that Paul agreed to this, what a wonderful man he is and everyone at the Swans Football Club. Even the courier driver would never understand how much we really appreciate this. My family and I will be making a donation to the foundation as a small token of gratitude, hopefully it will allow someone else's family to make a wish come true.” Read More

Graeme's Wish - Welcome to The Jungle!

On 22 July 2016 Graeme was told he had a brain tumour and was admitted to hospital. On 28 July he had surgery to remove the tumour where they removed as much as they could. On 5 August the family were told that the type of tumour Graeme had was GBM and was Stage 4 and it was an aggressive Cancer.

Lauren contacted The Orange Pigeon Inc. to share her dad’s story and let us know that Guns N Roses, her dad’s favourite band, were returning to Australia for the first time in 20 years and were touring Perth where they lived, for the first time and asked if we would be able to grant Graeme an amazing night.

We were able to secure 4 Diamond Reserved up close tickets for Graeme, his wife Toni and his two daughters. When Graeme received his Wish Pack, Lauren said “Thank you so incredibly much for the little package that came in the mail, it was presented beautifully. Read More

Connie's Wish - Sealed with a KIIS

Connie is very unwell with end stage Cystic Fibrosis. She absolutely adores Kyle and Jackie O from KIIS 1065 - we were planning a meet and greet with them for her, unfortunately Connie's health deteriorated before this could happen so Kyle and Jackie O kindly took a moment out of their busy schedule (Kyle being in LA) to dedicate this little video message to her.

What good sports they are. It really meant a lot to both Connie and her family that they made this video for her, something that only took a moment to do and something that they can keep forever. Thanks guys for helping Connie and her family smile for a little while and feel special.

Gerard's Wish

Gerard had Metastatic Thymoma - which had progressed and he was experiencing severe pain and was under palliative care. His wish was to have a photo shoot with his children so that his children had memories of him when he passed. Dale Haberfield from Millbrook Studios ww.millbrookstudio.com.au came to our rescue. Read more

Pam was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012. Her wish was to see snow falling, we had booked everything in for her, but unfortunately her health was not good and she was unable to proceed with her wish. As her illness took a hold of her, an idea came up for The Orange Pigeon to provide her with a  beautiful day bed for her to spend some quality time with her husband and young son. Read more

Pam's Wish

If I lay here, if I just lay here

would you lie with me and just forget the world

We are updating our webpage and adding wishes as we go - please bare with us during this time